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Your Miami Vacation: Activities for the Entire Family

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By Passport Miami Editors

You can count yourself among the truly fortunate.  It is that time of year to play.  Your family’s summer vacation is here.  If you are from Latin American then you too are fortunate because it is time for your family’s winter vacation.  You are all luckier still because your summer/winter vacation plans call for you to spend time together in the warm tropical climate of Miami where you can re-charge by trying some new activities while you get to know a Miami’s special culture.

Or maybe not.  You see there is danger lurking here.  When you look back on your past Miami vacations, it is clear to you that the family vacation planner is a creature of habit.  The last few vacations in Miami were each predictably the same.  Most of the day was spent at what has now become your favorite Miami shopping mall; only to be briefly interrupted with meals taken at your favorite Miami restaurant.

There is a cure for that.  With a bit of insider’s knowledge you will come to understand that there are really too many things to do in Miami.  The pages of Passport Miami are intended as a vacation guide and filled with fun things for the entire family to do together in Miami.  We encourage you to browse for some great family activities to enjoy this vacation.

Bottom line, no two visits to Miami need to be the same.  If you want to change the pattern of your previous Miami vacations there are two things to do.  First, fire your present family vacation planner.  Second, realize that the most important family vacation activity is planning your family’s vacation activities.

As we said you are among the fortunate.  With your previous vacation planner now enjoying an  “early retirement”, Passport Miami Editors have assembled a list of activities guaranteeing fun for the entire family during your Miami vacation.


  1. Charter a yacht from Fleet Miami for a day cruise around Biscayne Bay in Miami;


  1. Attend a Miami Marlines professional baseball game:


3.  Charter a helicopter from the Wilbur Group for an aerial tour over Miami:


  1. Attend a Ft. Lauderdale Strikers professional soccer game:


  1. Take an airboat tour of the Florida Everglades:


  1. Enjoy a spa day.


7.Take the family sailing off Key Biscayne:


8. Swim with the dolphins in Key Largo:


  1. Take a getaway weekend trip to Key West:


For further information on any of these activities visit

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