The Best “WAZE” around Miami Traffic?

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By Passport Miami Editors

Yes the world is discovering Miami, and Miami has the traffic to prove it.  You know this already If you happened to drive from Aventua to Miami Beach during the holiday season.  Even the Miami tourism bureau website feels the need to offer some tips about gettting around Miami in a segment entitled “Miami Survival Guide”. Sounds ominous.


Enter “WAZE” the Israeli start-up traffic app which is now owned by Google.  To use WAZE you type in your destination just like you would on Google Maps.  WAZE claims that it will help you find the shortest route to your destination. To do so, WAZE relies on the on line community of 50 million “WAZERS” around the world who report in real time on the location of crashes, congestion, potholes, traffic intersection cameras, traffic police, and even where to find the cheapest gas. The goal is to keep you up to date on Miami traffic issues and enable you to change your route and avoid them.

In Florida, WAZE has even entered a partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation provides WAZE with access to road sensors used to monitor traffic flow on Florida’s major highways.  WAZE has a similar arrangement with the City of Rio De Janeiro. WAZE also claims to have a staff of map editors to maintain the most accurate map informatoin.

But the backbone of WAZE are the Florida drivers who provide real time reports on the status of traffic. WAZE users are perhaps its best asset because they are in the traffic and in the best position to report on the present status.

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