Take a Cruise: No, We Mean the Entire Ship!

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By Passport Miami Editors

This is a story about doing business and doing cruising.  It is well known that people of all nationalities enjoy taking cruises.  Were you thinking about your next vacation and that perhaps it was time to take a cruise?  By that we do not mean booking an elegant stateroom on your favorite cruise ship.  We mean taking a cruise as in taking over the entire cruise ship.

So how do you book an entire cruise ship?  Well there are experts out there to assist you. Perhaps the best in the business is Joyce Landry based in Miami.  Her company, Landry & Kling Events at Sea, has booked entire cruise ships for a lot of different types of uses.

Joyce Landry, founder of Landry & Kling

Joyce Landry, founder of Landry & Kling

Why would you book a cruise ship?  Well there are music theme cruise charters which are certainly fun.  Increasingly charters are being booked by companies to promote their businesses.  You can charter different types of ships of every size from all the different cruise lines, at various price levels, that will shrink the budget and increase results. Finding the perfect fit is always the goal for Landry & Kling, whether it’s a full ship charter on a custom itinerary or a small group on a regular departure.

Joyce has booked cruise ship charters for companies holding annual sales meetings, incentive travel programs, customer networking or brand awareness events. Government meetings such as Summit of the Americas and Commonwealth Head of Government have chartered multiple cruise ships to provide supplemental housing, dockside, at city-wide events when more accommodations were needed.

When it comes to cruise groups and ship charters Landry & Kling is a one-stop-shop, including: worldwide ship selection, contract negotiations, planning and operational support, and customized website and online registration services. Joyce and her team negotiate the lowest rates, and they protect their client’s interests in every aspect of the cruise experience.

Landry & Kling’s track record since 1982 has been recognized worldwide as they were inducted into the cruise industry’s Hall of Fame in recognition of their leadership role in popularizing corporate cruises.

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