Maestro Advisory Service

Maestro Will Lead Your US Strategy

Maestro is a “one stop shop” which helps non-US families conduct their cross border lifestyles in the US. Whether your strategy is to live part-time or permanently in the US, logically your family needs someone in the US to be in charge. Just like an orchestra who needs a conductor to lead it, you can trust Maestro to be in charge of leading your advisory team and managing your family’s US strategy.

Maestro has already assisted many non-US families to transition to the US. From our experience we know that whatever US strategy you pursue will require you to retain multiple advisors. The obvious initial challenge is to find the right advisors to assist you. However, the less obvious though greater challenge is in managing your selected advisors and doing so from afar. If the work of your advisors is left uncoordinated expect to pay the consequences in the form of greater expense and delays.

Maestro is your solution. It starts with you. You tell us what your goals are in the US. Maestro will take the lead in organizing and managing your US strategy. Maestro will connect you to whatever advisory specialists your US strategy requires, including: real estate investment, immigration, tax and estates, immigration and US business expansion. Maestro will then coordinate the work of your team of advisors on a day to day basis, and keep you informed of their progress.

If you do not manage the advisory process then the process will manage you. It starts with you and your US strategy. Then pass the “baton” to us, and leave the rest up to Maestro.


To be fully informed as to your US visa options it is best to consult with a lawyer in the US before making a decision.  For further information contact

Para informações em Português, contate

Peter-J-Yanowitch_350Peter J. Yanowitch, Esq. has been practicing law in New York and Miami for over thirty years.  He is the founder of Passport Miami and the “Maestro” advisory service in Miami.  He has been helping Brazilian and other non-US families with their advisory needs in the US for many years. 

*For more information about Brazilian taxation, please be our guest to email, on Freitas Golgo Advogados in Brazil.
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