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Miami: By Land, Sea and Air

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By Passport Miami Editors

Depending upon your airplane’s approach to MIA, you likely will be able to enjoy a good view of Greater Miami by air.  No matter how long you have lived in Miami, and no matter how many times you have experienced Miami by air, it is at once a welcoming and glorious sight.

If your airplane arrives in Miami from the west you will have an up close view of the Everglades National Park with its mirror like sea of grass.  Should you arrive from the east you will have an incredible vista of Dowtown Miami with its bevy of the construction cranes dotting the skyline.  The one thing you can be sure to count on is that Miami is always changing.  If you have not been to Miami in a year or so you will certainly notice buildings, including, condos, office towers, retail, and even new museums, which you probably had not seen before.  Each contributing to a re-newed Miami vibrancy.  Miami is surely evolving and re-inventing itself as a world class city known for its unique multi-culturalism, Latin American influences, fashion, arts, special events, business, and luxury tropical lifestyle.

It is always good to spend a moment to take in Miami’s evolution anew and to gain perspective.  One of the best ways is from above.  In celebration of this “new Miami” Passport Miami offers you this aerial postcard of Greater Miami and its many colors, landscapes and textures.

Aerial video is courtesy of the Wilbur Group.  www.thewilburgroup.com.

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