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Maestro Advisory: There is Difference Between a Referral and Great Advisory Service

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By Passport Miami Editors

It is well known that many Brazilians and other non-US are pursuing a variety of strategies to transition all or a part of their lifestyles to the US.  If you are moving to the US or want to purchase property in the US you may be told that you need a lawyer to help with their US strategy.

That is true.  However, Brazilians and other non-US are often learning the hard way that a lawyer is only one of many advisors needed to pursue any sort of important US lifestyle strategy.  Some ten or more professional specialists are needed just to purchase property in the US, including: real estate brokers, lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, closing agents, and mortgage brokers, among others.  So how to you find the right advisors to help and then manage them all from your home country thousands of kilometers away?


You start by fully understanding the real challenge.  You cannot manage any significant US lifestyle strategy with the referral of just one advisor alone.  Neither can you manage your US strategy with a disorganized group of advisors.  Rather, you need to engage advisors who are willing to function as a team.  Every team needs a leader.  Once you have your advisory team assembled you then need a team leader.  Imagine a leading restaurant  functioning without a chef; a great corporation doing business without a CEO; or a world class orchestra functioning without a conductor?

Maestro offers its clients a fully integrated team of experienced advisors of every specialty type that you will need in Miami.  Maestro’s team of specialists is capable of tackling any significant US lifestyle strategy including the purchasing real estate, US immigration, US business expansion, tax and estate planning in the US.


Equally important, Maestro then leads the strategy process by coordinating the services of the advisory team, and facilitating communications between the client and the Maestro team members.  If you have tried to reach your US accountant from Sao Paulo in the middle of US tax season you know what a chore that can be.   Maestro solves this problem by offering a team leader that is always available to the client, and who can keep the client informed about the advisory team’s progress.   An efficiently managed US strategy is often less expensive too.

Typically a friend thinks that they are doing a favor by referring their non-US colleague to the least expensive lawyer in Miami to help with their US strategy.  Then the friend is left alone with both the referral and their problem.  There are no short-cuts for non-US to successfully transitioning their lives to the US.  Maestro advisory offers the efficiency of a well managed team approach.  There really is a difference between a referral and great advisory service.

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