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Looking for an EB-5 Investment? Think Burger King

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By Passport Miami Editors

Looking for an EB-5 Investment?  Think Burger King. 

As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, more and more Brazilians and other non-US are looking to permanently move to the US (read more…). 

The US investor visa EB-5 requiring a $1 million investment is often discussed as one way for a family to obtain permanent residence in the US.

However, most families wanting to use the EB-5 visa approach often wonder what sort of investment platform should they use?  Brazilians and other non-US usually start their search with the concept of buying a franchise of some sort.  One approach recently used by a Brazilian family, according to Miami attorney, Peter J. Yanowitch, is to use the purchase a Burger King franchise in Miami as a qualifying EB-5 investment.

While many investors may not have experience managing a restaurant operations fortunately many people do have that sort of experience.  One solution is to find an experienced franchisee operator approved by Burger King to operate the restaurant.  Yanowitch observes: “An experienced restaurant operating partner brings two important benefits to the business.  “He or she provides someone to take over the burdens of managing the restaurant operations day to day, and, as a partner, the operator has incentive to do everying possible to make the restaurant operation profitable.” This approach to the EB-5 was recently written up in column by Aluizio Falcao, the publisher of Forbes Brasil.




EB-5 Burger King Franchise

EB-5 Burger King Franchise

EB-5 Burger King Franchise

EB-5 Burger King Franchise


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