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Florida Projecting Record 2015 Tourism

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Florida has had four record years in terms of tourism visitors.  According to Visit Florida, the State tourism agency, Florida is on track to surpass previous visitor records and is projecting over 100 million visitors in 2015.

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Miami Second Only to NYC for Visitors

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According to the US Department of Commerce during 2014 Miami trailed only New York City in the number of international visitors.  Miami had close to 5 million visitors in 2014. While the number of New York City visitors grew 2% compared to 2013, Miami’s international visitor growth was 21% greater from  2013.  Miami’s beat out […]


Take a Cruise: No, We Mean the Entire Ship!

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This is a story about doing business and doing cruising.  It is well known that people of all nationalities enjoy taking cruises.  Were you thinking about your next vacation and that perhaps it was time to take a cruise?  By that we do not mean booking an elegant stateroom on your favorite cruise ship.  We […]

The Tropics

Be Prepared for the Hurricane Season

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If you are not from the US you may not be familiar with the great power and potential damage which can be caused by hurricanes. If you are Brazilians and own a condo in South Florida you need to know about hurricane season and be prepared with a safety plan to protect you and your family.

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Brazilians take to Miami: by Helicopter?

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It is an unmistakable sound that grows louder and even violent as it flies closer—the whirling roter blades of a $25 million Augusta helicopter landing on a Sao Paulo office tower heliport never gets old to a Sao Paulo visitor. Sure New York City has helicopters but not like this. In Sao Paulo helicopters are […]