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Will You Qualify for a US E-2 Treaty Investor Visa?

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As a Miami based lawyer I often hear complaints from Brazilians and other non-US individuals that it is difficult to understand the EB-5 visa requirements, particularly those involving the $500,000 “regional center” investment option.  Investment documents can be complicated and it is difficult to figure out whether the investment is risky, the timing as to […]

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Six Tips When Investing $500,000 in a US EB-5 Regional Center

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Some non-US are looking to qualify for a US EB-5 Green card by investing $500,000 in a “regional center” or an investment platform pre-approved by the INS.  Here are six things to watch out for before you make your investment decision: Review several different approved regional center investments to compare and select the one with […]
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Looking for an EB-5 Investment? Think Burger King

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Looking for an EB-5 Investment?  Think Burger King.  As recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, more and more Brazilians and other non-US are looking to permanently move to the US (read more…).  The US investor visa EB-5 requiring a $1 million investment is often discussed as one way for a family to obtain permanent residence […]

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Brazilians Leaving and Moving to Miami

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Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal published an article by Luciana Magalaes and Jeffrey Lewis observing that the post-Brazil election results were motivating wealthy Brazilians to permanent leave Brazil and move to the US, and particularly Miami. This trend has also been noted by Miami attorney Peter J. Yanowitch, who years ago developed a […]

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Can Non-US Obtain a Social Security Number?

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A Social Security number in the US is necessary to obtain a job or government benefits.  The Social Security number is used to report on a person’s wages to the US government and to determine eligibility for Social Security benefits.  If you do not plan to work in the US then you do not needa […]