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For Access to The Hottest Parties on South Beach Call Brazilian Beto Biscaia

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When you meet Brazilian Carlos “Beto” Biscaia what first impresses you is his relaxed manner, and the ever present smile. After you get to know him more you notice that Beto is always smiling. You would always be smiling too if your typical “work day” involved partying all night at your choice of the hottest […]

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Miami’s Summer Celebrity Sightings

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Sofia Vergara, Matt Damon, Pitbull, Mario Andretti, and the players from AC Milan, Real de Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus and other teams were just a few famous faces spotted around Miami this month.

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Should Your Recent Bar Bill Be on this List?

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From the UK’s The Drinks Business comes a story on the “Top 10 Biggest Bar Bills” in recent history. At the top of the list was rapper Jay-Z’s $250,000 bill from this past New Year’s Eve celebration in Brooklyn, New York; US millionaire Don Johnson’s £170K tab in London, and a £204,000 bill at Liverpool’s PlayGround nightclub.


Three Hot Spots Heating Up The Miami Mixology Scene

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Tropical cities call for fruity cocktails with a kick, but in a place like Miami, it’s always about the next best thing. When it comes to mixology, the Magic City stands out, combining local ingredients, unique elixirs, fresh-grown herbs and other exciting infusions to give locals more than the average tipsy fix. Here are some of the best cocktail hot spots around town to bookmark if you’re feeling especially indulgent past happy hour.